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Performance assessment reviews of Mexico’s energy regulators


Impact Update: Driving Performance at Mexico's Energy Regulators (2018)


In 2016, Mexico’s Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment (Agencia para la Seguridad, Energía y Ambiente, ASEA), National Commission for Hydrocarbons (Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos, CNH) and Energy Regulatory Commission (Comisión Reguladora de Energía, CRE) – the country’s three energy regulators - requested that the OECD carry out parallel performance reviews of the agencies. Work was carried out in two phases: a first phase dedicated to the external governance of the sector and second phase dedicated to the separate internal governance of the three agencies.


Together, the published reviews constitute a comprehensive body of work on the regulatory governance of Mexico’s energy sector and make recommendations to bolster future work of the regulators in support of the country’s energy sector. An impact update (2018) provides an update of the implementation of review recommendations by the regulatory agencies and points to some ways forward.


External governance

The review of external governance noted the need to enhance institutions and processes that, upstream, strengthen role clarity, co-ordination and planning in a new and complex institutional context, and, downstream, instate accountability for agreed objectives and results. Regulators play an important and increasingly complex role in the delivery of regulatory regimes to achieve the best outcomes for society.

  • Summary brochure: Driving Performance of Mexico's Energy Regulators (external governance) English / Spanish
  • Driving Performance of Mexico's Energy Regulators (2017) English / Spanish

Internal governance

The parallel reviews of ASEA, CNH and CRE found that it is critical to enhance internal governance systems across the three regulators so that they are fully equipped to support the implementation of the Energy Reform. The reviews put forth a series of recommendations to activate an integrated system of energy regulators and support organisational change within the three agencies. 

  • Summary brochure: Driving Performance of Mexico’s ASEA, CNH and CRE (internal governance) English / Spanish
  • Driving Performance at Mexico's Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment (2017) - English / Spanish
  • Driving Performance atMexico's National Hydrocarbons Commission (2017) - English / Spanish 
  • Driving Performance atMexico's Energy Regulatory Commission (2017) - English / Spanish


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