Regulatory policy

Regulatory Policy Outlook country profiles


The Regulatory Policy Outlook 2018 is complemented by detailed two-page country notes for all OECD member and accession countries and the European Commission, displaying countries’ results for all three composite indicators: Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), ex post evaluation, and stakeholder engagement. 



Country profiles on regulatory policy in Latin America 2016

Based on the established OECD methodology, the Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance (iREG) for Latin America 2016 provide an up-to-date overview of regulatory systems in selected Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru), by which they develop, implement and evaluate regulations. They cover three principles of the 2012 OECD Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Ex ante Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)
  • Ex post evaluation of regulations and administrative simplification


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