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The OECD helps Peru’s water regulator commit to issue high-quality regulation


Lima, Peru, 19 October 2021


Since December 2019, the OECD has advised Peru's water regulator, the National Superintendence of Sanitation Services (SUNASS), to adopt tools to improve its regulatory-making process. The objective is for SUNASS to issue high-quality regulations: regulations that adequately regulate the provision of water services and related activities without imposing unnecessary costs and burdens on citizens and companies. The tool promoted by OECD to ensure the quality of regulation is regulatory impact assessment (RIA).

Within this framework, the OECD and SUNASS launched the report Implementing Regulatory Impact Assessment at Peru’s National Superintendence of Sanitation Services on 5 October. This report provides guidance for implementing RIA in SUNASS, evaluates the agency’s rule-making process, and provides recommendations to design the legal reforms necessary to establish RIA as a permanent practice, and training of the personnel who will develop it. The report includes technical guidelines for conducting public consultations, identifying public policy problems, and conducting cost-benefit analysis.

The launch of the report is part of the work within the framework of the agreement signed last December 2019 between the OECD and SUNASS to implement RIA by the regulatory body.

The recommendations for the implementation of RIA in SUNASS are in line with the OECD recommendations on regulatory policy for Peru in the report Regulatory Policy in Peru: Assembling the Framework for Regulatory Quality, where the OECD recommends that Peruvian regulatory bodies must have their own RIA system for the preparation and review of their regulation.


Highlights of the event:

  • Iván Lucich, President of the Board of Directors of SUNASS reaffirmed the institution's commitment to regulatory quality and the implementation of RIA.
  • Rafel Muente, Executive President of the Telecommunications Regulator of Peru and Luis Fernando Rosas, General Coordinator of Regulatory Improvement of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications of Mexico, shared their experiences in the implementation of RIA and the benefits obtained.
  • Manuel Gerardo Flores and Alberto Morales from OECD presented the content and main recommendations of the report.


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Alberto Morales, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD, @M_GerardoFlores


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