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OECD and the Municipality of Puebla collaborate to improve competitiveness through digital licensing


19 February 2021, Municipality of Puebla, Mexico


The OECD and the Municipality of Puebla started the project Improving Competitiveness for Economic Recovery in view of simplifying and digitalising licences and permits. The OECD will evaluate the procedures that have the greatest impact on businesses, issue recommendations for improvement, and support the Municipality of Puebla in the implementation phase, using international practices as a basis for comparison, particularly from countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. It is expected that simplifying and digitalising procedures with a high impact on business activity will contribute to the economic recovery of the Municipality of Puebla.


The project was launched on 19 February 2021. Claudia Rivera Vivanco, the municipal president, and Manuel Gerardo Flores, co-ordinator of the OECD's Better Regulation Programme for Latin America made the opening remarks.


Licences and permits within the scope of the project are necessary to open a business, obtain a construction permit and set-up one-stop shops. The OECD's evaluation and recommendations will be prepared using reports such as:


The OECD's work programme with the Municipality of Puebla includes:

  • Mapping of licences, meeting with business representatives and citizens, “mystery shoppers” to learn the real status of licences and permits
  • Delivery of recommendations and implementation plans
  • Training workshops
  • Assistance during implementation, and preparation of three progress reports
  • Forum on better regulation to disseminate results
  • A full report with documentation of activities and recommendations to support reform efforts.


Read the press release in Spanish.



OECD Regulatory Policy Division for Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RLAC

Adriana García, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Coordinator of the OECD Regulatory Policy Programme for Mexico and Latin America @M_GerardoFlores


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