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Bureau members of the Network of Economic Regulators


A number of NER delegates are designated to serve on the “NER Bureau” that provides more detailed direction to the OECD Secretariat on issues of management and the planning of the Programme of Work of the Network. Bureau members contribute to the planning of each NER meeting by the Secretariat and take part in consultations on on-going work.

The members of the Network of Economic Regulators Bureau for 2020 are:


Anne Yvrande-Billon

Anne Yvrande-Billon


Anne Yvrande-Billon was appointed Director, Economics, Markets and Digital at the French e-communications regulator (Electronic Communications, Postal and Print media distribution Regulatory Authority - L’Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques, des postes et de la distribution de la presse, ARCEP) in September 2020. Previously, since November 2015, she was Vice President of the Transport Regulatory Authority and sat on the French Ethics Commission for railways. She is the President of the “Club des Régulateurs” (Paris-Dauphine Foundation) since July 2017. She worked formerly at the French Competition Authority (2011-2014), first as a senior economist, and then as the deputy chair of the Mergers Unit. Prior to joining the French Competition Authority, she worked at the French Council of Economic Analysis, an independent advisory body reporting to the Prime minister. She holds a PhD in economics from the University of Paris Sorbonne where she is Associate Professor in Economics since 2003. Her research and publications are mostly in the fields of economics of contracts and regulation of utilities, with a particular interest in the public transport sector. Anne Yvrande-Billon was awarded the rank of Knight in the National Order of Merit in May 2016.

Scott Streiner (Canada)

Scott Streiner


Scott Streiner became Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) on July 20, 2015. During his term, he has taken a series of steps to enhance the CTA's ability to respond to the needs of a rapidly evolving transportation system, its users, and the communities in which it operates – including streamlining the CTA's internal structure and processes, reviewing and modernizing all the regulations made and administered by the CTA, and raising public awareness of the CTA's roles and services. Prior to joining the CTA, Scott had a 25-year public service career in seven different federal departments and agencies. His roles included Secretary to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Prosperity; Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy with Transport Canada and with the Labour Program; and Vice President, Program Delivery with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Scott has a BA in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University, an MA in International Relations from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and a PhD in Political Science from Carleton University.

Susanna Metsälampi (Finland)

Susanna Metsälampi


Ms. Susanna Metsälampi, LLM, Head of Department, Legal Affairs, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Ms. Metsalampi, LLM from Helsinki University, has been working in the Finnish transport administration since 1992 in various positions, through several organizational changes in the administration. Since 2012, she has been heading the department responsible for rulemaking issues in the transport sector. During her career she has worked with legislative work both at national and European level, with international co-operation particularly in aviation, at European (the European Union and the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA) and global level (International Civil Aviation Organization). She has been representing Finland at EASA as member of the Member State Advisory Body and the body’s predecessors (Rulemaking Advisory Group and Advisory Group of National Authorities) since 2011. She was nominated representative of Finland in the Legal Task Force of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) when the Task Force was established in 1996. Since 2015, she has been the Chair of the ECAC Legal Task Force. She is second vice chair of the ICAO Legal Committee, and chair of ICAO’s Article 21 Task Force. Her national regulatory activities have covered also the maritime, rail and road sectors.

Dr. Annegret Groebel (Germany)


Dr. Annegret Groebel has held the post of Head of Section "International Co-ordination", in the German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post since 2001 and was promoted Head of Department International Relations/Postal Regulation in 2009. She also holds key positions at the Independent Regulators Group (IRG). She is actively involved in the work of the European Regulators Group (ERG) and of the newly created Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). She is responsible for all contacts to other European and non-European regulatory bodies as well as for the contacts with the European Commission, including CEER, ACER in the energy field, ERG-Post and IRG Railways. In March 2012, she was appointed Vice-President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER). and became the alternate member of the ACER Board of Regulators representing BNetzA at the BoR Plenary meetings. Since August 2013 she is co-chairing the Market Integrity and Transparency Working Groups of ACER and CEER. In November 2013 she was appointed to be a member of the NER Bureau supporting the NER Chair Luigi Carbone (AEEG). Dr. Groebel has worked for the German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post since 1997 (renamed in 2005 to Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway). She has expertise in the European regulatory framework for electronic communications and implementation, as well as the regulatory framework for the internal energy market and is lecturing at universities in Germany, the FSR in Italy, and Switzerland. She has advised public authorities on regulatory reform and sector specific regulation. She is an economist by training.

Laura Brien (Ireland)

Laura Brien


Laura Brien was appointed Director of Water and Compliance of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in February 2019, where she leads the CRU’s work on economic regulation of Irish Water and the oversight of all aspects of CRU’s activities related to compliance and enforcement under CRU’s economic regulation remit.  Prior to that she was Director of Energy Markets at the CRU since 2014, where she was responsible for delivering the Integrated Single Electricity Market for energy and capacity, to achieve compliance with the EU internal energy market. Prior to joining the CRU, she was senior economic advisor to ComReg, the Irish telecommunications regulator, from 2012 to 2014. Laura has over 20 years’ experience in the utility sector, for both energy and water, having advised on energy policy at both national and international level.  She previously held economic consulting roles across both public and private utility companies, providing advice to government departments, regulators and private equity firms relating to the deregulation and privatization of electricity industry in several US states, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Thailand and Canada. She holds a Commerce degree from University College Dublin, Ireland and an M.Phil in Economics from Oxford University, UK.

Andrea Camanzi 

Andrea Camanzi


Andrea Camanzi has been appointed first President of the Italian Transport Regulation Authority (ART) in July 2013. In this capacity, in 2018 he chaired IRG-Rail, the European network of independent rail regulators. Before his designation as President of ART, he was a member of the Board of the Italian Authority then in charge of the surveillance over public contracts (2007-2013). Earlier still he had been an executive in the private sector, where he developed his expertise in the area of the economic regulation of public services, acquired a direct knowledge of the issues and dynamics of newly liberalized markets and experienced how companies adapt their industrial strategies to new institutional set-ups. He was Vice-president for public and economic affairs and Executive Vice-President for domestic and worldwide competition and regulatory affairs in the Telecom Italia group (1999-2006), a member of the Board of the telecom company TIM (1999-2001), Senior Vice-President for Legal, Institutional and Regulatory Affairs of the Olivetti Group (1996-1999) and Vice-president for European Affairs of the Olivetti Group (1992-1996). He chaired the Information, Communication and Computer Policy Group of the BIAC group (2003-2006). Andrea Camanzi received a degree in Economics cum laude from the University of Bologna in 1973.

Ana Barreto Albuquerque 

Ana Barreto Albuquerque


Ana Barreto Albuquerque is Member of the Board of the Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (ERSAR), responsible for the areas of economic regulation and corporate services (administrative and financial). She holds a degree in Economics from Católica Lisbon University and an MBA from Nova University. Ana was Credit Analyst in the Departments of Large Companies of Banco de Fomento and of Banco BPI, Senior Consultant at Arthur D.Little, Sub Director of the Strategic Planning & Business Development Department at José de Mello Group and General Manager of the Strategic Planning & Business Development at EFACEC. She was Lecturer in Statistics and Introduction to Economics, at the Católica Lisbon Business & Economics University, and in Organization Theory and Total Quality Management, at the Nova School of Business & Economics (Lisbon). In the academic context, Ana was also Program Manager of the Master's in Finance from Nova School of Business & Economics. Previously to her current role, she was the Executive Director of Nova Finance Center, a Knowledge Center for research, training and services of Nova School of Business and Economics, she collaborated in the Nova’s new campus project, and has also guided several students Masters’ thesis (from the CEMS MIM and Master in Finance Programs).

Alan Sutherland 
(United Kingdom)

Alan Sutherland


Alan has been Chief Executive of the Water Industry Commission for Scotland since its establishment in 2005. Before then he was the Water Industry Commissioner, a role he took up in 1999. Over the past decade the water industry in Scotland has become much more efficient and performance standards have improved markedly. Retail competition was introduced in 2008, and this is now delivering substantial benefits for customers and the environment. Alan has extensive experience in management consultancy and in the investment banking industry. He was formerly a management consultant with Bain and Company and before that a Manager with Robert Fleming and Co. More recently he was Managing Director of Wolverine CIS Ltd. Alan has an MBA and MA from Pennsylvania University and an MA (Hons) from St Andrews University.


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