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OECD Regulatory Reform Forum, Mexico, January 2010 - Strengthening Competitiveness in Mexico



      OECD Regulatory Reform Forum on                        

Strengthening Competitiveness in Mexico                 

           12-13 January 2010, Mexico                          


On 12-13 January 2010, the Mexican Ministry of Economy (Secretaria de Economia), and the OECD organised a Forum on Regulatory Reform. The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, announced a general regulatory review to be conducted by the federal government to eliminate unnecessary burdens and simplify the interactions between the government and citizens and businesses.

This was also an opportunity to launch the second phase of the initiative “Strengthening of Economic Competition and Regulatory Improvement for Competitiveness in Mexico”. This second phase follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding on January 7, 2010, between the OECD Secretary General, Jose Angel Gurria, and Mexico’s Minister of Economy, Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, to extend this initiative, which had been launched in 2008. The programme of work aims at improving the regulatory environment and strengthening competition. It is designed to facilitate the creation and running of business, and particularly SMEs, thereby contributing to innovation and growth. 

The first tangible results of this initiative over 2008-09 include, among other elements, the establishment of the one-stop shop “”, as well as projects on multi-level regulatory governance to strengthen regulatory quality at the sub-national levels of government, in co-operation with the Mexican States.  


Full agenda in here.




Tuesday 12 January 2010


8:30-9:35  Regulation for Business Start-ups
  • Felipe Duarte Olvera, Vice-Minister for Competitiveness and Standardisation, Ministry of Economy.
  • Josef Konvitz, Head of the Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.
  • Armando Jiménez San Vicente, Minister of Economic Development of the State of Aguascalientes.
  • Jorge Juraidini Rumilla, Secretariat of the Economic Committee, Federal Representative.
  • Arturo Torres García, Deputy Dean for Entrepreneurship of ITESM (commentator).



9:40-10:55 Regulation for Foreign Trade


11:30-12:30 Inauguration and Presentation by the Federal Government


12:45-14:15 Regulation for Infrastructure Development


Wednesday 13 January


8:30-9:45 Regulation for Tax Payment

  • Mario Alberto Becerra Pocoroba, President of the Finance and Public Credit Committee, Federal Representative.
  • Daniel Trnka, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.
  • Mario Sánchez Ruiz, President, Confederation of National Chambers for Trade, Services and Tourism.
  • Salomón Presburger Slovik, President, Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico.
  • Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena, Head of the Tax Administration Service.
  • Carlos M. Urzúa Macías, Director, Graduate School of Public Policy and Management, ITESM (commentator).


10:00-12:40 Regulation for Competition


  a. Effectiveness of Competition Policy


 b. Opportunity Areas for Mexico

  • Armando Paredes Arroyo Loza, President, Business Coordinator Council.
  • Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz, Senator, Competitiveness Commission, Senate of the Republic.
  • Luis Enrique Mercado Sánchez, Vice-coordinator of Economic Policy, Federal Representative.
  • Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, President of the Economic Committee, Federal Representative.
  • Carlos Elizondo Mayer-Serra, Professor at the Polical Studies Division of CIDE (commentator).


13:05-14:00 Closing Ceremony


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