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Press release: Merida achieves substantial progress in improving high impact formalities


15 March 2018


The OECD released its second assessment of Merida’s progress in implementing recommendations aimed at improving formalities in the business sector: Merida has made significant progress and reached 93% of its objectives.

In June 2017, the OECD had provided the Municipality of Merida with 235 recommendations for improving formalities with high impacts on business. The objective of the cooperation agreement between the OECD and the Municipality of Merida is to improve the business environment. The formalities included business licences and construction permits. Recommendations for promoting regulatory transparency and increasing the efficiency of formalities were also included. The recommendations are based on national and international good practices for the simplification of municipal formalities available in the Guidelines for the improvement of the regulatory quality of state and municipal formalities in Mexico.

The most relevant milestones achieved are:

  • Organisation, cleaning and digitalisation of the Municipal Cadastre historical information.
  • Creation of the Urban Observatory as an advisory body linked to the Municipal Planning Institute.
  • The Municipal Registry of Formalities and Services (MRFS) now includes information for submitting citizen complaints or challenging official resolutions.
  • Public officers at the front office only request information obligations defined in the MRFS.
  • Creation of a standardised assessment procedure and programme for inspectors.
  • Creation of an app for the inspection process with full integration of the activities carried out by the Construction Site Director.
  • Use of the online signature for both the citizens and public officials for some formalities and services such as the business licence. 

The last assessment will take place in June 2018.

See the press report in Spanish.



Regulatory Policy Division in Mexico and Latin America of the OECD @OCDE_RLAC

Adriana Garcia, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, Regulatory Policy Division @M_GerardoFlores


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