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Making Life Easy for Citizens and Businesses in Portugal: Administrative Simplification and e-Government


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Portuguese version / versão portuguesa

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19 January 2009
Pages: 210


This report analyses Portugal’s simplification programme, known as the Simplex initiative, and finds that it has come far in a short time with the transformation of its public sector and its service delivery. By targeted use of e-government, Portugal is in the process of making citizens’ and businesses’ everyday life easier through administrative simplification supported by an increasing number of coherent and integrated services accessible online.

Achieving a simpler public sector more responsive to demands from citizens and businesses requires strong political commitment and drive for achieving administrative simplification and e-government goals.

Among its achievements, the report says that the time taken to register a company, for example, has been reduced from 54 days to under 48 minutes.

The review is the first study undertaken by the OECD to analyse the successes and challenges of both administrative simplification and e-government in a national context. It makes proposals for action that can help countries improve their simplification efforts.


Table of contents


Assessments and Proposals for Action

Evaluations et mesures proposées

   Chapter 1. Country Profile and Context
   Chapter 2. Policies and Strategies
   Chapter 3. Legal and Regulatory Context
   Chapter 4. E-Government for Simplification
   Chapter 5. Implementation Tools
   Chapter 6. Performance Tools

Annex A. Economic and Social Background

Annex B. Public Governance Structure in Portugal

Annex C. History of e-Government in Portugal

Annex D. Methodology

Annex E. Survey on the Simplex Programmes, October-December 2007

Annex F. Main Initiatives in Simplex 2006-2008


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Also available:


Portuguese version:Tornar a Vida Mais Fácil para Cidadãos e Empresas em Portugal: Administração Electrónica e Simplificação


The report is available in English and Portuguese only. A French translation of the Assessment and Proposals for Action has been included in the English volume.


Further information:


Further information is available upon request from Ms. Barbara Ubaldi, e-mail: [email protected]


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