Regulatory policy

Formal requirements to consider IRC when developing regulations




Cross sectoral and cross government requirement imposed on responsible authorities to consider all relevant international standards and frameworks for cooperation in the same field when developing regulatory measures.




In Australia, there is a cross-sectoral requirement to consider “consistency with Australia’s international obligations and relevant international accepted standards and practices” (COAG Best Practice Regulation).

The Treasury Board of Canada produced in 2007 Guidelines on International Regulatory Obligations and Cooperation which provide guidance on how to interpret the Cabinet Directive on Streamlining Regulation, which states that departments and agencies are to take advantage of opportunities for cooperation. (Treasury Board of Canada Guidelines on International regulatory Obligations and Cooperation).

In the US, the recent Executive Order 13609 on Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation states that agencies shall, “for significant regulations that the agency identifies as having significant international impacts, consider, to the extent feasible, appropriate, and consistent with law, any regulatory approaches by a foreign government that the United States has agreed to consider under a regulatory cooperation council work plan.” US Executive Order on IRC.


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