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First Working Group Meeting of the OECD Regulatory Reform Review of Indonesia


On 9 February 2011 a working group, organised jointly with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, met in Jakarta to discuss the substantive policy areas proposed for examination in the regulatory reform review of Indonesia; share the perspective of OECD countries that have participated in the review activities of the OECD; and learn from the Indonesian government and local delegations about particular policy issues that should guide the focus of the review (see agenda and presentations below).


During 2011-12 the OECD conducted a Review of Regulatory Reform of Indonesia at the request of the government. The Review aimed to assist the government of Indonesia in its efforts to improve the processes by which it makes and enforces regulations aimed at supporting the interests of business and citizens, attracting and retaining investment, improving services and raising public welfare.


The focus of the review was on the administrative and institutional arrangements for ensuring that regulations are effective and efficient. The review considered regulatory policy, competition policy and market openness. The core topics for discussion at the working group were: the links to enhanced economic performance from improvements to regulatory policy, competition policy and trade policy and a focus on the practice of private‑public partnerships (PPPs).


Following this workshop, the Regulatory Reform Review of Indonesia was launched in Jakarta on 27 September 2012 by the Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.


Presentations of the Working Group


Session 1. Market Openness and Regulatory Reform


Session 2. The Contribution of  Competition Policy to Improve Regulatory Performance


Session 3.  Regulatory Governance: Elements of a High-quality Regulatory Policy


Session 4.  PPPs - Ensuring Value for Money and Fiscal Sustainability


For more information, please contact Faisal Naru and James Sheppard.


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