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OECD supports the improvement of environmental inspections in Peru


17 October 2018, Lima, Peru


The OECD and the Environmental Evaluation and Enforcement Agency of Peru (OEFA) launched the review process of Regulatory Inspections and Enforcement in the OEFA. The objective of the study is to carry out a thorough review of the regulatory framework and the current practices implemented by the Agency. Moreover, it will provide recommendations to improve inspection capacity and regulatory compliance to achieve public policy objectives. The assessment will include a comparison of the practices followed by OEFA against international good practices and the principles identified by the OECD.


Representatives from of the public sector and private industries attended this event. Among the speakers were Fabiola Muñoz, Minister of Environment; Nick Malyshev, Head of the Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD; Tessy Torres, Head of the OEFA; and Manuel Gerardo Flores, senior economist of the regulatory policy division and co-ordinator of the regulatory policy programme in Latin America of the OECD.


The event was divided in four sessions:

  • Inauguration by Tessy Torres and Nick Malyshev
  • Launch of the review process by Manuel Gerardo Flores
  • Presentation of the OECD Inspections and Enforcement Toolkit by Manuel Gerardo Flores
  • Closure of the event by Fabiola Muñoz

See press report in Spanish.



For more information:

OECD Regulatory Policy Division in Mexico and Latin America @OCDE_RLAC

Daniel Trnka, Senior Policy Analyst, @DanielTrnkaREG

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, OECD @M_GerardoFlores

Andres Blancas, Economist, OECD


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