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OECD recommendations to improve the quality of regulations in the municipality of Torreon, Mexico


Torreon, Mexico, 11 February 2016


Staff from the OECD Regulatory Policy Division delivered 267 fit-for-purpose recommendations to the municipality of Torreon based on the Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Formalities. The objective is to implement the 26 recommendations that stem from the guide in order to simplify administrative procedures to start up a business, obtain a construction licence, register property, and apply to the suppliers’ registry; as well as to improve regulatory transparency and the efficiency in managing administrative procedures.


The recommendations are based on a diagnosis on how the municipality of Torreon interacts with citizens, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Some of the main recommendations consist on:

  • improving the interoperability of software and data repositories in the municipality by implementing ICTs
  • simplifying and making more efficient the organisation and processes mentioned above
  • achieving greater transparency in municipal regulations.


The OECD, and the municipality itself, will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the recommendations throughout the year. The first evaluation report is foreseen for mid-June 2016.


See press release in Spanish here.


For more information, please contact:

Guillermo Morales Sotomayor, Policy Analyst on Regulatory Policy, OECD


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