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Implementing the OECD Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Regulations, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 24 June 2015


The OECD delivered the third and final progress evaluation of the municipality of San Luis Potosi regarding the implementation of the 26 recommendations of the Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Regulations.


The objective of the project was to implement the better regulation agenda delivered by the OECD in June 2014, based on a diagnosis of how the municipality interacts with businesses and entrepreneurs.  The municipality reached a degree of progress of 87% and the actions remaining will be followed up by the municipality itself, whose administration will change by the end of September. A meeting with the Citizen Council on Economic Development was key to invite the business community to follow up and advocate in favour of the continuity of the better regulation agenda.


The OECD recognises and acknowledges the commitment and the work done by the municipal government headed by Mayor Mario García Valdéz. Some of the main achievements regarding the implementation of the Guide include the following:


  • Systematising and facilitating access to information regarding business licenses and procedures through the Centralised Municipal Registry of Formalities and Services (RUTYS).
  • Updating of the Urban Development Plan of the municipality, including a catalogue of business activities and constructions, in order to identify risks and adjust regulatory requirements accordingly.   
  • Establishing a one-stop-shop that reduces turnaround times and facilitates the interactions of citizens with the municipality.
  • Streamlining the start-up process by allowing the municipal business license to be issued in 48 hours maximum for low risk businesses. 


See Press release in Spanish.


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Guillermo Morales Sotomayor, Policy Analyst, OECD


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