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Hermosillo progresses steadily in the implementation of OECD recommendations to simplify formalities


Press release: 22/08/2014


Last August 22, 2014, the Mayor of Hermosillo Alejandro Lopez received the first progress report of the implementation of the Guide to improving regulatory formalities at State and municipal in Mexico by the Regulatory Policy Division of OECD. The progress of Hermosillo is 12% in the implementation of the 270 actions delivered last April by OECD. This progress is considered appropriate, that is, within the parameters expected by the OECD in accordance with the proposed implementation plan. With this progress, Hermosillo shows reforms to facilitate the creation of enterprises, generate employment and improve the conditions of life of their citizens.

The Guide provides recommendations specific and suitable to be implemented in the short term to improve the formalities that are part of the processes of opening of company, construction permits, registration of property, and registration as suppliers, through the reduction of requirements and response times; as well as to improve regulatory transparency and efficiency in the management of formalities.


The Senior Economist Manuel Gerardo Flores in his presentation speech noted that "Hermosillo progresses steadily in the implementation of the actions to improve regulation".  He also explained that the OECD assessment indicates that the speed of implementation is apropriate for all directions, and there are even four directions - Municipal water, land registry, the Committee on economic development, and Treasury - which have a high speed of implementation: faster than expected by OECD.


The presentation was also attended by Lyzeth Salcedo, Director of the Committee for Economic Development of the Municipality of Hermosillo; Yolanda Martínez, Head of the Unit of Digital Government of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico; the directors of the Municipality of Hermosillo; Delia Vazquez, Policy Analyst of the OECD, and Monica Alcala, Economist at the OECD.


For more information, please contact:

OECD Regulatory Policy Division in Mexico @OCDE_RegMx

Delia Vázquez, policy analyst, OECD @delia_vazquez

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Economist Senior, OECD @M_GerardoFlores


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