Regulatory policy

Guide to Improve the Regulatory Quality of State and Municipal Formalities and boost Mexico's competitiveness


This Guide provides concrete recommendations of high impact reforms that can be implemented in the short term. The focus is on formalities dealing with business start up, obtaining a construction permit, registering property, procurement, and upgrading regulatory transparency and efficiency in the management of formalities. It aims at simplifying these processes and reducing regulatory burdens for citizens, advancing the competitiveness of Mexico’s states and municipalities.

In addition, this 2012 edition includes two new sections on the institutionalisation of regulatory governance in states and municipalities and the political economy of reform.  Furthermore, it includes six case studies about citizen councils established in different states (Colima, Chiapas, the Federal District, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Nuevo Leon) to allow participation in the management and evaluation of regulatory reform policies.  Finally, it contains 19 case studies on good practices adopted by several states (Baja California, Colima, Chiapas, and Sinaloa) and municipalities to implement the recommendations of the 2010 edition of the Guide.

The improvement of the regulatory framework and the business environment requires innovation and implementation of good practices at the sub-national level. Given the fact that an entrepreneur has to fulfill formalities at the federal, state, and municipal levels to formalise his business, this need becomes even more urgent. The recommendations contained in the Guide were drawn from the systematic review of the processes of formalities mentioned above in nine Mexican states, the study of successful practices at the international level, and the experience with the implementation of the recommendations of the 2010 edition of the Guide.


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