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Fifth meeting of the Regulatory Policy Committee















The fifth meeting of the Regulatory Policy Committee took place on 3-4 November 2011 at the OECD headquarters. Delegates from the OECD participated as well as from Columbia, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia and Tunisia. The following highlights the items for discussion.


Current activities

  • “Rules for regulatory expenditure, regulatory offsets and other quantitative techniques for burden reduction”, roundtable. Presentation by Rex Deighton-Smith, Jaguar Consulting, AustraliaMexicoUnited Kingdom.
  • Draft OECD Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance. The Secretariat presented a draft of the OECD Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance taking into account the comments received during the consultation process. When approved by the RPC, the Recommendation will be submitted to OECD Council for approval in early 2012. Presentation by the OECD Secretariat.
  • Scoping paper on Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance. The Secretariat presented a work plan for examining issues of regulatory enforcement, the functioning of regulatory authorities, and compliance with regulations.
  • Scoping paper on International Regulatory Co-operation. The Secretariat presented a work plan for deepening understanding of why, when, where and how countries should pursue International Regulatory Co-operation.
  • Follow-up to the Madrid Workshop ""Developing a Framework for Measuring Regulatory Performance in OECD Countries”". The Secretariat and the Steering Group on Measuring Regulatory Performance briefed delegates on the conclusions of the expert workshop in Madrid in September and any corresponding updates of the project plan. The Secretariat further briefed delegates on the update of the Indicators of Regulatory Management. Presentation by Christiane Arndt.

Regional programmes and country specific work

  • Mexico. The Committee received an update on recent activities and future co-operation with Mexico, including a proposed Regulatory Reform Review in 2012. The presentation was followed by a discussion on ideas to use the case of Mexico as a model of reform for Latin America and other countries. Presentation by the OECD Secretariat.
  • Israel. The Secretariat reported on the OECD-Israel Conference on Cutting Bureaucracy: Regulation and Services in Israel, held in Jerusalem on 28-30 June 2011.
  • Chile. The Secretariat made a presentation about the work with Chile’s Chamber of Representatives to establish a Department for Law Evaluation.  The presentation discussed early findings, as well as the potential to develop this work in other OECD countries.
  • Indonesia. The Secretariat reported progress on the 2011-12 review of Regulatory Reform in Indonesia
  • MENA. MENA delegates and the OECD Secretariat reported on the outcomes of the Special Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee and the MENA/OECD Governance Programme Working Group IV, the progress within the MENA-OECD Initiative to Support the Palestinian Authority (MIP), the current work on gender-sensitive regulatory quality frameworks and presented perspectives for OECD work in MENA within the context of the Deauville Partnership. Delegates were also informed about the upcoming seminar on administrative simplification which will take place in Budapest on 14-15 February 2012, hosted by the Government of Hungary.


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