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The OECD recommends that Brazil boosts its use of Better Regulation tools to strengthen governance in its mining sector


Brasilia, 2 February 2022


The OECD and the National Mining Agency (ANM) of Brazil held a virtual international forum to launch the report Regulatory Governance in the Mining Sector in Brazil. The study provides an overview of the main reforms to the mining sector in Brazil. It offers recommendations for improvement in three main aspects: overarching elements of the mining industry and its perception by the Brazilian society, the use of Better Regulation tools and principles to improve the regulatory framework of mining, and to strengthen the governance of the mining regulatory agency. The study benefited from the participation of peer reviewers from the Productivity Commission of Australia and the Chilean Copper Commission.

The event included opening remarks by Paulo Mesquita, Secretary of Geology, Mining and Mineral Transformation of Brazil; Victor Hugo Bicca, General Director of the National Mining Agency, and Nick Malyshev, Head of the Regulatory Policy Division of the OECD. All speakers highlighted the importance of having in place good regulatory and governance arrangements to foster a better development of the mining sector and improve the lives of Brazilian citizens.

Two sessions were held during the launch event:

  • The panel OECD recommendations to improve the mining sector in Brazil provided an overview of the main proposals to foster better regulatory governance in the sector as well as to improve the public perception of the industry. The session concluded with a presentation by the National Mining Agency. The Agency focused on the recommendations that it has implemented, mainly to reduce administrative burdens, harness the adoption of ICT tools, and promote the use of data for decision making.
  • The second session focused on Stakeholder engagement in the mining sector in Brazil and highlighted the importance of taking into account relevant parties in the process of policy-making. Representatives of the mining industry, small-scale miners, and academia offered their views on their engagement with the National Mining Agency.



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