Regulatory policy

Brainstorming session, Partnership for effective international rule-making


On 6 November 2017, the OECD Secretariat hosted a brainstorming session of the Partnership for effective international rule-making, which gathered representatives from 15 international organisations, delegates from 8 countries, and 12 academics leading research in the field of international rule-making. The meeting sought to exchange perspectives on the activities of the partnership and its working groups, and explore possible forms of collaboration between IOs and academics in the activities of the partnership.


Participants discussed and refined the key focuses for consideration in the working groups. They welcomed the opportunity given by the partnership to IOs and members to work together and complement each other’s efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of international rule-making and promote regulatory quality at domestic level. The brainstorming confirmed the relevance of and interest in the Academic Friends of the IO partnership’s support to the development of the working groups’ deliverables.






For further information, please contact Céline Kauffmann, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD.


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