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Seminar on the Rationalisation of Regulatory Stock, Bogota, 4 February 2013


Bogota, 4 February 2013


‌This seminar brought together about 50 high level officials of the Government of Colombia and specialists from the OECD Secretariat, as well as from the governments of France, Spain, and Mexico, to share good practices on managing and simplifying the regulatory stock. The objective of the event was training public servants of the Colombian government on good practices to analyse and streamline the regulatory stock: i.e. regulation applied to businesses and citizens, and regulation inside government (RIG).


The event covered several topics:


  • The institutional design for regulatory reform.  Panellists discussed the role of regulatory oversight bodies in OECD countries and how they help to advance a whole-of-government policy for regulatory quality. ‌
  • Best practices when undertaking regulatory reviews according to the experience of several OECD countries, such as Australia, Canada, Italy, Korea, and Mexico.
  • Commonly used criteria in OECD countries to streamline and simplify the regulatory stock.  
  • The importance of reviewing the stock of RIG, the differences and similarities between this type of exercise and those concentrated on regulation affecting businesses, and the specific experiences of a few OECD countries, in particular Mexico.
  • Analysis of techniques used to measure the impact of regulatory reviews, such as the Standard Cost Model, and alternative qualitative methodologies. Spain and Mexico presented their experience using these techniques.


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