Regulatory policy

Agile Governance for our Future: High-level symposium


Washington DC, United States, 26 April 2022


Building on the recent OECD Recommendation on Agile Regulatory Governance to Harness Innovation, this event brought together senior international government officials, thought leaders in academia and civil society, and business leaders from across sectors to discuss ideas and practices around agile regulatory governance.

The program included a keynote by Cass Sunstein (Harvard Law School), a fireside chat with Kent Walker (President of Global Affairs, Google) and a panel of senior policymakers including Susana Cordeiro Guerra (Inter-American Development Bank Manager), Tina Green (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Assistant Secretary), Dominic Mancini (OIRA Deputy Administrator) and Katrine Winding (Danish Business Authority Director General). The symposium has been introduced by the OECD Deputy Secretary General Jeffrey Schlagenhauf

On April 27, a smaller group of academics and practitioners gathered for a workshop to discuss more in depth challenges and opportunities in implementing agile governance approaches.

The high-level symposium was organised by the OECD together with George Washington University, and Business at OECD (with the support from the World Economic Forum and Google).


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