Regulatory policy

7th meeting of the Regulatory Policy Committee


Nick and Garry Banks, RPC 7

The seventh meeting of the Regulatory Policy Committee took place on 19-20 November 2012 at the OECD headquarters. Delegates from the OECD participated as well as from Brazil, Columbia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Russia. The following highlights the items for discussion.




Current activities


  • Measuring Regulatory Performance in OECD Countries.  Delegates supported the project proposal on “Identifying progress in the implementation of the 2012 Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance in OECD member countries”, involving members of a steering group throughout the process. Implementing the 2012 Recommendation in OECD countries was underlined as important. For example, a sound business environment, in particular for SMEs, can depend on the implementation of regulatory policy as outlined in the Recommendation. An expert workshop, hosted in Stockholm by the Swedish Government, will be held next June and an important step in identifying best practice and measuring progress in the implementation of the Recommendation in countries, and in the preparation of a Regulatory Policy Outlook scheduled in 2014.
  • Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance. A survey carried out on regulatory enforcement and inspections has shown that few OECD countries have cross-cutting policies in the area of enforcement and inspections despite the fact that there are many processes and activities common to inspections across sectors. Many countries are considering reforms but do not have sufficient guidance or good practice examples. The papers presented by experts showed that clearly, enforcement is a part of the Regulatory Governance Cycle that has been mostly neglected in the past. Specifically in the area of inspections, there are many issues that are analysed insufficiently. The OECD Secretariat has suggested developing guidance on organising and reforming inspections. This will be discussed through the OECD website and selected social networks.
  • Observatory on Public Sector Innovation. The OECD, presented the Observatory on Public Sector Innovation, a project launched by the Public Governance Committee with the aim of creating a knowledge base on how governments are using innovation in the public sector to improve their performance and achieve policy goals. The Observatory will provide an instrument to systematically collect, categorise, analyse and monitor innovative practices in the public sector; a centre for researching and elaborating new ideas and solution on how to make innovation work in practice; and a set of strategies and framework to promote and steer innovative behaviors in the public sector. The Observatory is steered by a Task Force of 21 countries chaired by Canada and France which met twice in 2012 (February and October).
  • The Regulatory Reform Review of Mexico and its main findings were presented together with the main recommendations of the review concerning policies and institutions at the federal level, regulatory tools, the governance of regulators, and multi-level regulatory governance. The review sets a clear path for the next administration to take regulatory improvement forward and promote continuity. Recent improvements concerning regulatory policies in Mexico, such as incorporating competition analysis in RIA were highlighted. Further information on this report is available here.
  • International Regulatory Co-operation (IRC). The results of a stocktaking paper on international regulatory co-operation were presented at the meeting and will be published in June 2013. The Secretariat will continue producing case studies, for example on specific IRC mechanisms such as mutual recognition agreements, on regulatory co-operation taking place as the result of the EU framework, regulatory co-operation in the framework of trade agreements.
  • Network of Economic Regulators. A meeting of the informal group of the Network of Economic Regulators (NER) took place on 21 November. A discussion paper was presented on the “Governance Principles for Regulators”. Following consultation, the principles in this paper will be refined and presented at the next meeting of the RPC in April 2013.


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