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15th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, November 2016


The 15th session of the Regulatory Policy Committee took place on 3-4 November 2016. Work continues on a new volume of Best Practice Principles in Regulatory Policy to assist policy makers and civil servants to better design stakeholder engagement strategies. The preliminary outline of the 2018 edition of the Regulatory Policy Outlook was also discussed, including key themes for survey questions. Lively conversation accompanied the presentation of the results of a collection of over 120 case studies, to be presented in a forthcoming OECD report, indicating that behavioural insights are taking root in many countries and sectors. Delegates also discussed the application of the Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean. A second joint meeting with the OECD Trade Committee took stock of progress made on joint work on trade and international regulatory co-operation, with Delegates from both committees demonstrating strong interest for the joint meeting and further collaboration in this regard.


The 2 November launch of the report on International Regulatory Co-operation: The Role of International Organisations in Fostering Better Rules for Globalisation and accompanying case studies completed 3 years of intense co-operation between the OECD and 50 international organisations on the quality and impact of international standard-setting. IRC plays a strong role to “harness” and create common rules in the challenging context of a globalised world. Current OECD work focusses on two core areas: the role of international organisations as rule makers supporting IRC and IRC in the context of trade policy


The 7th NER meeting on 2 November took forward the agenda on the performance of regulators and their contribution to supporting markets’ and investors’ confidence for efficient and effective delivery of energy, communications, transport, water and payment services. Members discussed draft guidelines on creating a culture of independence and safeguarding regulators from undue influence, the role of regulators in the governance of infrastructure,  key findings and recommendations of the review of the external governance of three energy regulators in Mexico and trends and next steps in applying behavioural insights.


For more information, please contact Nick Malyshev, Head of the OECD Regulatory Policy Division.


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