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10th Session of the Regulatory Policy Committee, April 2014


The 10th session of the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) took place on 14-15 April 2014 at the OECD Headquarters. It gathered delegates from the OECD, as well as from Bulgaria, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Romania and Russia.


Highlights of the RPC meeting:


  • Programme on Measuring Regulatory Performance. The OECD Guidance for Regulatory Compliance Costs Assessment. Compliance costs are usually the most significant part of regulatory costs and the Guidance provides step-by-step technical advice to support realistic assessments of proposed changes in regulation. The OECD Framework for Policy Evaluation, published 18 June 2014, provides countries with a Framework to systematically evaluate the design and implementation of regulatory policy, against the achievement of strategic regulatory objectives. It helps countries identify priority areas for improvements in regulatory policy and communicate progress.
  • Peer review of Kazakhstan. The report Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan, published 23 June 2014, assesses regulatory management in Kazakhstan and provides concrete recommendations on strategies, institutions and tools to improve the quality of the regulatory environment in Kazakhstan.
  • International Regulatory Co-operation. The fifth roundtable addressed the unexplored and untapped potential of regulatory policy to promote cross jurisdictional co-operation. Discussions built on work developed by the RPC on International Regulatory Co-operation: Addressing Global Challenges. The New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) identifies international regulatory co-operation as a critical area to address “the tensions that are building up in the global economy”. RPC delegates discussed the gains to be expected from greater international regulatory co-operation through lower barriers to international flows and better rules of the game for all. They also shared experience on the successful instruments and forms of IRC and their mainstreaming in regulatory policy.
  • Meeting with International Organisations on International Regulatory Co-operation. Back to back with the RPC, 17 representatives of international organisations met to take stock of their collective experience in setting global standards and supporting international regulatory co-operation. They agreed on the need to work together and exchange information on internal procedures and impacts of rule-making activities of international organisations as an important foundation for better regulatory coherence worldwide.  


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