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Forum on Public Procurement for SMEs: Small, Medium, Scalable


©Adrien Coquet/The noun project  26 October 2018   localisation icon turquoise OECD, Paris 

This year’s Public Procurement Forum focused on the linkages between public procurement strategies and SMEs development.

Policy makers and practitioners debated:

  • Why and how strengthening those linkages might be mutually beneficial for both the public and the private sector
  • How can a greater engagement of SMEs in public markets have spill-over effects on the whole economy
  • How it can usefully serve multiple purposes such as promoting innovation or strengthening value chains

A new report: The OECD presented its latest findings on the main challenges countries face in this area and insights from good practices for transforming procurement into a strategic function for supporting SMEs development. Read the highlights of the report.

Speakers included EC Commissioner Elżbietą Bieńkowska.

This event is a joint initiative between the Directorate for Public Governance and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities.




PP for SMEs Forum Callout



29-31 October 2018


Just after the Forum, the OECD hosted 2 more events:


  • 29 Oct: Workshop on the power of procurement data
  • 30-31 Oct: Meeting of the Working Party of the Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement (LPP)

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