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Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement Open Exchange Series - Leveraging Strategic Procurement to Deliver Public Services Transformation


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This year’s event will focus on how governments can leverage strategic public procurement to deliver public service transformation.

The digital transformation of public services is moving fast. Governments around the world are facing increasing demands to design and deliver public services that better meet citizens’ needs and demonstrate governments’ capacity to address major societal challenges. At the same time, digitalisation offers unparalleled opportunities to break down organisational silos and capitalise on unprecedented data availability to improve service delivery.

Public procurement is a critical tool for governments to both foster innovation and leverage private sector capabilities to meet these challenges, while at the same time leveraging digital solutions to deliver goods and services more efficiently and effectively.

The event will discuss how public procurement strategies can deliver and benefit from the digital transformation of public services. Sessions will address issues such as opportunities and challenges in using public procurement to accelerate digital innovation and insights on recent efforts to procure and implement emerging technologies such as AI in the public sector. The planned plenary sessions and breakout sessions will enable in-depth discussions on these complex topics.

This event which is an initiative of the Directorate for Public Governance is organised as part of the Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement Open Exchange Series. Through this event, the OECD Working Party of Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement (LPP) invites the Working Party of the Senior Digital Government Officials (E-leaders) to join the discussion. 



Leveraging Strategic Public Procurement to Deliver Public Service Transformation


Participants: This open event will bring together:

  • Leading procurement practitioners
  • Public procurement policy makers
  • Digital government policy makers (E-leaders)
  • Oversight and control bodies
  • Academia and NGOs 



24-26 October 2023


Just after the exchange, the OECD will host an additional event:

  • 25-26 October : Meeting of the Working Party of the Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement (LPP) (upon invitation)

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