Public employment and management

Ageing and Talent Management in European Public Administrations


This report examines the scope for greater application of talent management practices in European public administrations. The context for this investigation is the trend toward increasingly multigenerational public sector workforces. Addressing the impacts and consequences of demographic changes for European public administrations is particularly important in the context of ageing workforces. This report presents trends, promising practices and recommendations for effective ageing and talent management in the public administrations across EUPAN member states.

This report was prepared for the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration in the context of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2021.

The report recommends that public administrations:


Take a strategic approach to talent management …

  •  … through drawing on a broad range of talent management tools …
  •  … which are well adapted to the EU’s ageing multigenerational public service workforce,
  •  … support knowledge transfer across generations and the needs of older workers
  •  … are based on sound data and evidence
  •  … and skilled public managers and HR professionals


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