Policy coherence for sustainable development

The OECD seeks views on its forthcoming Strategy on Development


You are invited to take part in a public consultation on the forthcoming OECD Strategy on Development.


The Strategy will build on OECD’s multidisciplinary expertise, as well as on its longstanding experience on development work, in order to ensure a more comprehensive approach to development that goes beyond aid. This will entail fine-tuning OECD policy advice in a way that recognises the institutional conditions in developing countries. It also aims to widen partnerships with developing countries, opening up opportunities for mutual learning, greater sharing of policy successes and failures and collective standard setting. In doing so, the OECD will ensure that the broader policies pursued by its members are coherent with the goal to promote worldwide development.


The purpose of this consultation is to seek views from as many stakeholders as possible in a transparent and inclusive manner. By participating, you have an opportunity to provide views on various key elements of the Strategy as it is being developed. The consultation will be conducted in three phases, both online and through a series of face-to-face meetings with civil society and non-governmental organisations. Specific issues for discussion are outlined in the consultation concept note, while background information is provided in the Framework for an OECD Strategy on Development.


To participate in this consultation, please visit our interactive platform or send an email to [email protected].



Consultation timeline


Phase 1: Elaboration of the Draft Strategy 

  • 23 May, 2011
    Pre-consultation: OECD_IdeaFactory with CSOs on "New Paradigms for Development" during OECD Week 2011. Read the report.
  • 22 September, 2011
    Lunch with development experts at the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, USA. Read the background note and the remarks of the OECD Secretary-General
  • 23 September, 2011
    Launch of consultation: Meeting with CSOs during the Civil Society Policy Forum of the 2011 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, Washington DC, USA. See the main messages from CSO participants.
  • 1 October – 30 November, 2011
    Online consultation on the elaboration of the Strategy. See the concept note for issues for discussion.
  • 6 October, 2011
    Working dinner with partner countries in the context of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness. Read the main messages.
  • 29 November to 1 December, 2011
    Attend our  during the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan, Korea.
  • December, 2011
    Review of stakeholder input.
  • 19 January, 2012
    Presentation of a first draft of the Strategy to the OECD Council on Development. 


Phase 2: Revision of the Draft Strategy

  • 28-29 February, 2012
    Consultation on the Strategy at the OECD Global Forum on Development
  • 1 March 2012
    Consultation on the Strategy at the Development Centre High Level Meeting. See the communiquéconsultations and video broadcast.
  • April, 2012
    Review of stakeholder input.
  • 3-4 April 2012
    Consultation on the Strategy at the DAC Senior Level Meeting
  • 24 April 
    Consultation of the Strategy at the TUAC/ITUC Meeting
  • 24 May, 2012
    Presentation of the Strategy to the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.  Remarks by the OECD Deputy Secretary-General


Phase 3: Implementation of the Strategy 

  • 1 June – 31 July, 2012
    Online consultation on the implementation of the Strategy. Issues for discussion will be made available on this website.


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