Policy coherence for sustainable development

Summary and presentations - meeting of the focal points for PCD, 1 October 2010





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The 2010 meeting of National Focal Points for Policy Coherence for Development focused on the implications of a shifting and increasingly interdependent world economy on three inter-related issues: global development; aid international architecture; and particularly PCD. It also aimed at sharing policies and experiences on PCD at the global, national, regional, and OECD levels, and exchange views on the ways forward. A number of recommendations to enhance PCD emerged from the discussions. Among them: 

  •  the inclusive and collective action by the global community beyond aid efforts is required in a context of major development challenges and PCD is a key component;
  •  the active role of developing and emerging countries is vital to identify critical areas for a better design and implementation of PCD solutions;
  • the OECD is well placed to bring together policy-makers from all public policy areas with development experts and analysts to promote greater coherence;
  •  the importance of PCD and the costs of incoherence should be widely communicated to the global public and in governance fora to enable political debate and momentum. 
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Programme and presentations


Friday,1 October 2010


9.00: Welcome and opening remarks by , Deputy Secretary-General, OECD


9:10-10:50: Special Panel 1: The future of aid

In the current context of major development challenges and the impact of multiple crises, significant changes are taking place in the international aid architecture. The active participation of new players increases the diversity of approaches and modalities and thereby presents both challenges and opportunities to reshape the global aid architecture. This panel discussed how to strengthen and articulate the aid architecture to make it more inclusive, coherent and effective.

Key note speaker:



  •  Brenda Killen Head of Division, Aid Effectiveness, Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD


11:10-12.30. Special Panel 2 : PCD in a shifting world economy

The gravity of the economic growth is shifting towards the developing world and emerging economies as documented by the OECD (2010) publication on: shifting wealth. This panel sought to explore the implications of this shift for PCD and took stock on these changes, analyse their impact on PCD and discuss how the changes need to be reflected in further PCD work.






14:00-15.15 Session 1: Ongoing work on PCD

At the global level:




At the OECD level:



16:45-18:00 Session 3: The ways forward




18:00: Concluding remarks by Eckhard Deutscher, Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).


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