Policy coherence for sustainable development

Agenda of the 8 June 2009 meeting of Focal points for Policy Coherence for Development


10.00-10.15  Welcome and Opening remarks


Mr. Mario Amano, Deputy Secretary-General

Mr. Eckhard Deutscher, Chair, Development Assistance Committee


10.15-12.15 High-level panel: Mobilizing efforts for development -  looking beyond aid

Key note speaker : Ms. Dambisa Moyo, Economist, author of “Dead Aid”


Panelists :

Mr. Torgny Holmgren, Deputy Director General, Department for Development Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
Mr. Richard Jones, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency
Ms. Kumi Kitamori, Counsellor, Environment Directorate, OECD
Ms. Brenda Killen, Head, Aid Effectiveness Division, OECD
Mr. Pierre Poret, Head, Investment Division, OECD
Ms. Karin Christiansen, Director, Publish What You Fund

Moderator :
Mr. David Batt, Director, Africa Partnership Forum Support Unit


12.15–13.00 Session 1 : Monitoring progress in policy coherence

Presentation of the initial findings of the upcoming EU PCD report 2009

Ms. Françoise Moreau, Head, Forward looking studies and Policy Coherence Unit, European Commission



Ms. Raili Lahnalampi, Advisor for Policy Coherence for Development, OECD


14.30-16.00:Session 2 - Assessing Policy Coherence for Development

Presentation of a draft framework and methodology for PCD

Mr. Nick Bozeat, policy analyst, Director, GHK Consulting

Mr. Alan Matthews, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland



16.15-17.00: Session 3: Learning from each other 

Assessing policy coherence for development in Spain: methodological, economic and institutional challenges

Ms. Iliana Olivié
, Senior Analyst, International Cooperation and Development, Elcano Royal Institute

The use of modelling in assessing impact on development


Mr. Kenneth Ruffing, Coordinator, African Economic Outlook,OECD Development Centre


17.00-18.00  Session 4: Ongoing work on PCD

Internet access for development

Ms. Karine Perset, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD

Non-tariff measures – opportunities and constraints for developing countries?

Mr. Frank van Tongeren, Head, Division of Policies and Trade in Agriculture, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD

18.00 Closing



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