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How can institutions better leverage public communication to strengthen democracies and trust in government?

Launched in 2020, the OECD Public Communication Network (PCN) (previously referred to as the OECD Experts Group on Public Communication) is a sub-group of the OECD’s Working Party on Open Government. It was formed as a platform to steer international dialogue, facilitate multi-lateral cooperation, and promote a more citizen-centred public communication function as an instrument of policy-making and open government. It aims to expand knowledge and evidence on emerging public communication issues and practices, while supporting the development of capacity and competencies needed to succeed in a changing communication landscape.

The PCN includes government officials in charge of whole-of-government public communication working within centres of government in OECD member and non-member countries. Communicators from sector ministries such as health ministries and environment agencies are also included, given the focus of current and previous projects. The Group also includes non-governmental stakeholders, including from academic institutions, civil society, and the private sector. To date, the PCN has met on 7 occasions and its first in person meeting was held in Paris in September 2022.

PCN Platform

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Explore the PCN Platform! Join a growing international community of communicators in government.

On this closed community platform you will access: 

  • Guidance, resources, and case studies from communication practitioners and selected experts across OECD member countries and beyond  
  • Thematic resource hubs on topics like crisis communication, accessibility, green transition campaigns, and more to come  
  • New research and tools from the OECD 
  • Upcoming OECD and PCN member events, plus recordings, summaries and presentations from past events 
  • Members contact database  

The platform is targeted at government officials and is intended to be a closed community to facilitate sharing and exchange. Selected non-governmental stakeholders and partners may be invited. 

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Meetings to date:

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