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Public Consultation on the Protection & Promotion of Civic Space in Brazil



Beginning in September 2020, the OECD is carrying out an Open Government Review of Brazil (OGR) to assess how the government is adopting the principles and practices of open government. As part of this review, the OECD’s Observatory of Civic Space will be assessing civic space and citizen engagement practices in public life in Brazil and making a series of concrete recommendations to strengthen them.

The Observatory is calling for suggestions and ideas on how to protect and promote civic space from Brazilian non-governmental actors (e.g. Civil Society Organisations, associations, NGOs, foundations, trade unions, the non-profit business sector, think-tanks, journalists, academics, citizens) by 30th of April 2021.

Please share your views on the following:

  1. What are the most effective policies or mechanisms (at either the national, state, or municipal level) that have supported the country's civic space environment over the years? How can these be expanded?
  2. What changes are needed in Brazilian legislation to increase civic rights and freedoms and enhance the enabling environment for citizens and civil society organizations to operate effectively in Brazil?
  3. What should the federal government do to better engage citizens in public decision-making in Brazil?

Civic space is the set of legal, policy, institutional, and practical conditions necessary for non-governmental actors to access information, speak, associate, organise and participate in public life. OECD studies and assessments of civic space focus on four key areas:

  • Civic rights and freedoms e.g. access to information; freedoms of expression, assembly, and association; the right to privacy; the state’s duty to protect its citizens;
  • Media and digital rights and freedoms;
  • The enabling operational environment for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs);
  • Citizen/CSO participation in public decision-making.


If you are a citizen or part of a non-governmental organisation who has an interest in the implementation of open government strategies and initiatives in Brazil, including the protection of the civic space, please share your views! Submissions will inform the OECD’s interviews with governmental and non-governmental actors in 2021 and the preparation of the Open Government Review of Brazil.

Send your answers to the three questions above to [email protected] or [email protected] by 30th of April 2021 in English or Portuguese.

We are committed to ensuring that the review reflects diverse views and experiences and we need your help to do this. We also commit to responding individually to answer any questions you may have and to let you know how we are using the information you send us. Information may be included anonymously, if requested.


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