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Catching the Deliberative Wave: Launch of the Report


The “deliberative wave” has been building since the 1980s, gaining momentum since around 2010. Public authorities across the world and at all levels of government have used around 300 Citizens’ Assemblies, Juries, and Panels to involve citizens in tackling complex policy problems. They convene groups of people representing a wide cross-section of society for numerous days to learn, deliberate, and develop collective recommendations.

At this webinar, we discussed the relevance of the new OECD report findings in the context of the COVID-19 crisis and explored how public deliberation can be institutionalised to make it an ongoing part of how public decisions are taken, such as the world’s first permanent Citizens’ Council in Ostbelgien.

We are delighted that Anna Quadflieg, Head of Department for External Relations at the Ministry of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Katju Holkeri from the Finnish government, and Nathan Heller from the New Yorker were amongst our speakers. 

Hashtag is #delibWave

‌Read the report and access the database here!

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