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OECD Territorial Reviews: Copenhagen, Denmark


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 March 2009
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The Copenhagen metropolitan region accounts for nearly half of Denmark's national output and plays a key role for the country as a whole. It benefits from a diversified economy, low unemployment, extensive social services and a high quality of life. Nevertheless, the region faces new challenges: modest economic growth, scarcity of skilled workers and barriers to research and development.

This report analyses these challenges in a comparative framework and assesses a wide range of policies to improve Copenhagen’s competitiveness. It calls for a multi-level government strategy to foster innovation, upgrade infrastructure, and train, retain and attract highly skilled workers.

Though Copenhagen’s liveability is the envy of many cities, it could be further improved by facilitating the construction of moderate-cost housing and continuing efforts to improve air and water quality. The report also examines how public institutions affect regional economic growth. Issues considered include: inter-municipal co-operation, local finance, public management, political leadership, and coordination mechanisms between the central government and the region.


The Territorial Review of Copenhagen is integrated into a series of thematic reviews of metropolitan regions undertaken by the OECD Territorial Development Policy Committee. The overall aim of these case studies is to draw and disseminate horizontal policy recommendations for national governments.


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