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OECD Global Forum on Public Governance - Building a Cleaner World: Tools and Good Practices for Fostering a Culture of Integrity, Paris 2009



The Global Forum on Public Governance 'Building a Cleaner World', organised jointly by the OECD and the Dutch National Integrity Office, was held on 4-5 May 2009 in Paris.

This high profile event brought together 180 participants from 60 countries representing governments, business, trade unions, and civil society.


  On a global scale governments spend around 4 trillion USD each year on procurement, 400 billion USD is lost annually to corruption.


What can be done to foster integrity in public governance?


The participants reviewed the key challenges decision makers face in promoting integrity in government in the context of the financial crisis and discussed cutting-edge solutions.


The Global Forum’s interactive format organised around a series of parallel workshops allowed for a stock taking of experience to promote integrity in OECD member and non-member countries.


The Directorate for Public Governance was organised back-to-back with the Global Forum. The Special Session provided and opportunity for a policy debate and sharing MENA regional experiences in the field of corruption prevention and integrity.


Objectives of the Forum

  • To support dialogue on integrity issues across the OECD and non-member countries
  • To  share lessons learned on opportunities and challenges in promoting integrity
  • To review components of a sound Integrity Framework in public sector organisations
  • To identify tools and good practices for building a culture of integrity and to discuss conditions  for their effective application in various contexts
  • To look at risk areas in the context of financial crisis, particularly lobbying, procurement and contract management, conflict of interest in post-employment and 'revolving door' practices.


Forum Output




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