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OECD and Ile de France study the risks of major floods


05/03/2013 - The Basin Organisation Seine Grands Lacs, in partnership with the French Ministry of Ecology and Ile-de-france regional council, has invited  the OECD to study ways to minimise the risks and  limit the costs that would be incurred if the Seine and its tributaries were to flood the Ile-de-France.


The metropolitan area of Paris is exposed to the risk of flood of the Seine river, as it happened in 1910, which could cause severe damages to the first economic metropolis in continental Europe. Recent events including Hurricane Sandy in New York City, floods in Bangkok in 2011 and Prague in 2002  have shown the potential for disruption, and the impacts on the economy and well-being in large urban areas.


A kick-off meeting opened by Jean Daubigny, the Préfet de Paris et coordinateur de bassin Seine Normandie, will launch this review and outline the urgent need for policies to prevent the social and economic – some €40 billion in damage and losses – costs of such a major flood.


At noon on Friday 15 March, following the meeting, the Director of OECD’s Public Governance and Territorial Development, Rolf  Alter, with Frédéric Molossi, Président de l’EPTB Seine Grands lacs, will brief  journalists about the aim of the OECD study


To register for this event, journalists should contact Ms. Sauve at the EPTB at 01 44 75 29 04 before March 12 or send an E mail to


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