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OECD Forum on Governance of Infrastructure - 2019


Delivering Quality Infrastructure:
Meeting the Governance Challenge

17 April 2019
Paris, France

Quality infrastructure is a key driver of growth, poverty alleviation, and development.
It contributes to productivity and growth, facilitates trade, connectivity, and improves economic inclusion. Furthermore, societies depend on quality infrastructure to ensure sustainable growth, equal opportunities and access to services for citizens. However, infrastructure has often failed to deliver these economic and societal goals, in part due to persistent governance weaknesses. Poor governance is a major reason why infrastructure projects fail to meet their timeframe, budget and service delivery objectives. Infrastructure projects with deficient governance often result in cost overruns, delays, underperformance, underutilisation and accelerated deterioration due to poor maintenance.

The OECD Forum on Governance of Infrastructure looks at the governance frameworks, standards and instruments needed to ensure that infrastructure delivers the socioeconomic outcomes that they are intended to achieve.

The 2019 forum brought together decision-makers and stakeholders from the public and private sectors, centres of government, ministries of finance, regulators, sub-national governments, financial institutions and institutional investors, to exchange experiences and discuss best practices..

The 2019 edition highlighted some of the most effective good governance practices related to infrastructure. In particular, it looked at integrity of procurement and PPP systems, the role of economic regulators in ensuring the quality of infrastructure and its maintenance, integrity of procurement and PPP systems, how the need to strengthen critical infrastructure resilience, and the importance of ensuring long-term value-for-money in infrastructure spending. It also focus on good practices in impact assessment to ensure infrastructure delivers on its promises for social and economic impact. Discussions highlighted how to harness data and new technologies for a better governance of infrastructure.

The meeting was be chaired by:
Mr. Thomas Barrett, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Chief Representative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) to the United States


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