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Media coverage: Youth and intergenerational justice


Media coverage:

  • Financial Times, Datawatch, Youth concerns during the COVID-19, 19 August (print version)
  • Equal Times, As well as missed opportunities, ‘Generation Corona’ is also grieving lost moments, 26 August (here)
  • Nikkei Asian Review, Lockdown generation: COVID-19 upends Asian students' plans, 25 August (here)
  • Quotidiano del Sud, Training and work, the under 35 pay the highest price, 3 August (here, in Italian)
  • Özge Özdemir, BBC News Turkey Generation Z: Who do they represent in Turkey and what are their needs?, 1 July 2020 (here, in Turkish)
  • Euronews Turkey, Generation Z is not satisified with government responses during the pandemic, 21 June 2020, (here, in Turkish)
  • FoxNews Turkey, Turkey has one of the highest NEET rates in the OECD! 19 Haziran 2020 Fatih Portakal ile FOX Ana Haber, 19 June 2020, (here, in Turkish)
  • BBC News Turkey, Coronavirus causes worries about employment among young people, 16 June 2020, (here, in Turkish)

Reports, blog posts and academic articles:

  • OECD, Advancing the Digital Financial Inclusion of Youth. Report prepared for the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion by the OECD, 2020 (here)
  • Laurence Boone and Gabriela Ramos, Shaping the COVID-19 Recovery: Ideas from OECD's Generation Y and Z, 17 September (here)
  • The Lancet, COVID-19 Commission Statement on the occasion of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, 14 September, (here)
  • Flip Education, The common anxiety of young people of the global epidemic generation, 21 August (here, in Mandarin)
  • The Adecco Group, #5. What worries young people the most? Mental health, employment and disposable income, 14 August (here)
  • World Economic Forum, COVID-19: This is what worries young people the most, 10 August (here)
  • Venti, Training and work, in post-COVID the under 35 pay the highest price, 4 August (here, in Italian)
  • The Vision, For the future of Italian 20-30 year-olds, the covid crisis is the final coup de grace, 27 July 2020 (here, in Italian)
  • Jack Dalrymple,  Resilience against the Odds: Lessons from Young People in the COVID-19 environment, 18 July (here)
  • François Balate, Generation L: How COVID-19 affects young people’s jobs and what we can do about it, 15 July (here)
  • Youth Time, World Youth Skills Day: Aspiring to Develop a Resilient Youth, 15 July (here)
  • Intergenerational foundation, The asymmetric intergenerational impact of COVID: the Italian case, 10 July (here)
  •, OECD recommendations "Youth and COVID-19", 2 July (here, in German)
  • Luciano Monti, It is not a country for young people. The asymmetric generational impact of the pandemic, 26 June (here, in Italian)
  • Jugendhilfeportal, Jugend und COVID-19: Reaktionen, Bewältigung und Resilienz, 25 June (here, in German)
  • Healthy Voices, Youth, obesity and COVID-19 (here)


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