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Global Forum on Public Governance 2012 - Better Governance for Inclusive Growth


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21 November 2012, Paris

The Global Forum on Public Governance is a biennial OECD event bringing together leading public governance practitioners and experts from member and partner countries to discuss cutting-edge policy reforms. This year’s Forum focussed on the theme "Better Governance for Inclusive Growth", and took place on 21 November 2012 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.


Working toward inclusive, open and responsible government can help tackle inequalities and promote economic growth, but the track record of governance reform in both OECD and its partner countries has been uneven and requires further innovation.


The Global Forum contributes to the development of an OECD good practice framework on “Better Governance for Inclusive Growth”, which will promote an integrated perspective on governance challenges and lessons learned for OECD and non-OECD countries.


Under the auspices of the OECD Public Governance Committee, the Global Forum draws on expertise from across the Organisation in the areas of public governance, regulatory policy, regional policy, and development.


In line with the objectives of the OECD Development Strategy endorsed by Ministers in May 2012, the Global Forum also aims to bridge different perspectives and policy communities by identifying strategic partners and opportunities for future collaboration on improving public governance worldwide. 


Improving public governance and public sector modernisation is now well recognised as a pre-condition to development, economic growth and job creation.  Poor public service delivery, corruption, inadequate regulatory systems and inefficient and overstafffed civil services have to be addressed for countries to benefit from globalisation.


A Global Forum on Public Governance provides an opportunity for innovatiove policy dialogue with non-members through a series of events on public governance and public sector modernisation.


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Efficient public sectors for Better Governance, OECD Secretary General Angel Gurrìa

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Forum Objectives


  • Identify and address the strategic challenges faced in modernising public governance, particularly when aiming to strengthen trust in public institutions and their capacity to adapt to new challenges.

  • Generate dialogue and enhanced learning in order to achieve more coherent and effective policies, and to raise the integrity, quality and performance of public institutions and services.

  • Discuss and promote key elements of a good governance framework, thereby contributing to the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and accountability of public institutions.


Forum Topics


Modernising the management of public government as well as encouraging open government and e-government, regulatory reform and public sector integrity (in particular transparent public procurement and anti-corruption policies) are key issues on the governance reform agenda.




Participants include high-level government officials, policy makers, leaders of stock exchanges, trade unions, professional bodies of accountants and auditors, investor associations, employee organisations, academics, representatives from regional/international organisations and selected invitees from civil society organisations.

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