Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Public procurement in Greece



Greece committed to implementing procurement reforms as part of its economic adjustment agreement with its international lenders. However, reforms were found to be challenging due to the country’s increasingly fragile political situation and critical state of public finances.

The involvement of the OECD to make change happen was requested in 2013 by Greece and the European Commission’s Task Force for Greece.


The OECD implemented a programme combining quick wins and sustainable home-grown improvements providing a practical approach.

During a 9-month project, the OECD:

  • Trained 100 public officials from at least fourteen Ministries and all major independent procurement, policy and oversight bodies. All officials attended the workshops and gradually built knowledge. Leading European Union public procurement experts (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal) shared experiences and conducted procurement exercises.

  • Supported the transformation of the Greek General Secretariat of Commerce (SGC) into the national central purchasing body. The new organigram of the SGC, which now incorporates OECD targeted restructuring recommendations, was adopted in August 2014 (5th month of the project).

  • Helped set up efficient work processes for the award of framework agreements for goods and services. This includes a change management and communication strategy for the SGC and a step-by-step manual for framework agreements.


    • Built trust through addressing real needs. 

    • Triggered Greek leadership for reforms through supporting changes in procurement governance culture.

    • Put in place communication channels between institutions working on aspects of procurement for the first time. They include the Health Procurement Committee, the Single Public Procurement Authority, the Hellenic Competition Committee, the National Anti-Corruption Coordinator and the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration. 

    • Launched the dialogue between the private and public sectors, by organising "meet the suppliers" panels, as well as training on OECD work on fighting bid-rigging, in cooperation with the Hellenic Competition Committee.

    • Raised public awareness in OECD’s work by presenting the OECD in the Athens University of Economy and Business.

    • Created strong links with procurement stakeholders in Greece. 



Manual for Framework Agreements 


Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

The OECD is providing concrete recommendations on how to reduce administrative burdens for businesses in Greece, and in particular, in 13 selected sectors of the economy.

Public Procurement chapter

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