Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

OECD Forum on Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying



Lobbying: the pros and cons

Lobbying is a reality in modern democracies, and a growing business. While it can improve the quality of public decisions by providing expert information, lobbying may also result in powerful interests exerting undue influence over such decisions, at the expense of the public interest.

Today, in the wake of a global crisis where adequate protection of the public interest has been questioned worldwide, there is a growing need to assess the progress made in effectively ensuring an open, balanced and informed public decision-making process.


What did the Forum address?

This Forum provided a timely opportunity to discuss how to win back trust in the decision-making process. As more and more countries opt for lobbying regulations, the Forum addressed key challenges in designing and implementing a system that ensures compliance in a cost-effective way.

By bringing all stakeholders on board, the Forum seeked to gain insights on how to practically improve transparency and integrity in lobbying to benefit all actors involved.   


Who attended?

Conference Centre

How to win back trust?


OECD Conference Centre, Paris



  • Agenda (pdf, 595 kb)
  • Session Material (pdf, 1.6 mb)

27-28 June 2013

  • Officials in charge of creating and implementing rules on lobbying
  • Members of the Executive and Legislative branches as targets of lobbying
  • Lobbyists
  • Civil society

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