Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

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This page has links to other sites related to ethics and corruption issues, providing country-specific examples with successful or promising solutions and best practices. If you know of other interesting sites or want us to add your site to the page, please send us e-mail with the URL-location.


OECD Corruption home page

Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies (ANCORR Web Anti-Corruption Ring Online)

SIGMA/Transparency International Anti-Corruption Directory




Revista Probidad , "a country-specific electronic journal that provides a non-partisan space for cross-sector commentary, analysis, and debate on democratization issues, ranging from political culture and participation to public sector reform, the election of government functionaries, and anti-corruption" (in Spanish).


Ministry of Transport and Communications - Code of conduct for the public services (in Greek only)


Code of Ethics for Public Officials (in Hungarian).


Cabinet Handbook, Government of Ireland includes guidance for Ministers on Ethics and Conflict of Interest.


National Personnel Authority (NPA) .


Seoul Institute for Transparency (SIT)

Seoul Metropolitan Government - Anti-Corruption Programmes

Seoul Metropolitan Government - OPEN: Online Procedures ENhancement for civil applications . Among many of the civil transactions handled by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, this Web-based system allows citizens to monitor applications for permits or approvals where corruption is most likely to occur and to raise questions in the event any irregularities are detected.


The State Services Commission provides the Public Service Code of Conduct and guidance on Public Service Principles, Conventions and Practice .


Reports adopted by the Management Commissions of the Swiss Federal Parliament. These reports are available in French, German and Italian on

Risks of Corruption and Measures of Security, State Audit of the Federal Government (Verwaltungskontrolle des Bundesrates) was charged to investigate the risks of corruption and the measures of security in the Swiss federal administration.



US Department of State:


The Asian Development Bank - Anticorruption

European Business Ethics Network

Council of Europe - Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO)

United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN), Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

World Bank Anti-Corruption Knowledge Resource Center

World Bank: Governance and Anti-Corruption

The European Commission elaborated codes of conduct for Commissioners and officials to promote a European political and administrative culture.

Anti-Corruption Summit 21-23 September 2000

Global Forum on Fighting Corruption . The USIA's Information Bureau's Online Service for former US Vice-President Al Gore's global forum includes the conference agenda, a list of participants and detailed descriptions of session topics, as well as guiding principles for an anti-corruption strategy and official international anti-corruption documents.

Anti-Corruption Gateway for Europe and Eurasia . This provides documents and information on a regular basis from international organisations and donors on their anti-corruption policy statements and strategies; anti-corruption activities, events and programs by countries, calendars of upcoming events, as well as reports, papers, data, and other documents.

TI - Transparency International . This Berlin organisation is a leader in the international fight against corruption. Check out the much publicised TI Corruption Perception Index, the on-line Source Book of national integrity systems and SIGMA/TI Anti-Corruption Directory .


École Nationale d'Administration(ENA) (France), including a report on ethics ("déontologie") from the seminar on comparative administration (1998-2000), La gestion des ressources humaines, condition de l'efficacité des administrations publiques

The Fordham Institute for Ethics and Economic Policy - Corruption Information Exchange

The Public Sector Ethics Resource Series . This site offers a series of 5 CDROMs (for purchase) containing training, reference and resource materials.

USAID Democracy Links - including links on Anti-corruption

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