Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Public Integrity in the Slovak Republic



OECD Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic: Delivering Effective Public Integrity Policies

The OECD Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic provides concrete recommendations for strengthening the Slovak Republic’s Anti-Corruption Policy, in particular through identifying key corruption risk areas. It analyses integrity standards, including on conflict of interest and post-public employment, and pinpoints where to close gaps in the current legislation to reinforce a culture of integrity across the whole of government. The Review also suggests tools for strengthening engagement with businesses and citizens to understand and uphold their roles and responsibilities for integrity. Finally, the Review assesses the government decision-making process and identifies measures for improving its transparency and integrity for more accountable and equitable policies.

The report is available in English and Slovak



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Anti-Corruption E-learning Programme

Strengthening public integrity, preventing corruption and raising awareness on bribery in international business transactions are at the core of a new Anti-Corruption E-learning Programme for public officials.

The programme was developed by the National Crime Agency of the Police Force Presidium of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, with the support of the Public Sector Integrity Division of the OECD.

The programme and its three modules support professional growth, awareness raising and education in government, business, civil society and the general public, in an interactive and accessible format.

The brochure is available in English and Slovak


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Tackling Fraud and Corruption Risks in the Slovak Republic: A Strategy with Key Actions for the ESI Funds
Assessment of key anti-corruption related legislation in the Slovak Republic's public sector OECD Recommendation on Public Integrity
The strategy suggests targeted and tailored actions for the authorities responsible for European Structural and Investment Funds, building on their existing fraud and corruption risk management practices. The 2017 assessment presents action proposals to facilitate the policy debate and support the review of existing anti-corruption and integrity-related laws in the Slovak Republic. The 2017 Recommendation provides policymakers with the blueprint for a public integrity strategy.
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