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Smart Procurement: Best practices for green procurement


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Green Public Procurement Legal and Policy Framework

A clear framework with understandable definitions, targets and priorities helps public entities achieve their goals. Different national approaches show that comprehensive and well-aligned guidance is instrumental in reaching environmental objectives.

Case studies

Austria (OBBInfra)   Hungary
Austria (ASFINAG)   Korea
Austria (naBe-Aktionsplan)   Portugal
Belgium   Sweden








Understanding Market Capacity and Assessing Costs and Benefits

Stakeholders and suppliers must be consulted in order to properly assess which green solutions are available and gauge the level of supply. Country case studies provide valuable guidance on ways of engaging with the supply market. They also demonstrate how authorities can use life-cycle costs evaluation in their cost-benefit analysis.

Case studies

Austria (OBBInfra) Netherlands
India Slovak Republic
Italy (IEMS)  






Introducing Environmental Standards in Procurement

Contracts based on performance, and payment, helps green procurement stay relevant to the market. Credible standards make it easy to identify which products or services count as green, such as eco-labels.

Case studies

Austria (Okokauf) Italy (IEMS)
Austria (ASFINAG) Italy (Desktop)
Canada Korea
Denmark Netherlands
Estonia People's Republic China
France Sweden
Hungary United States










Professionalising Green Public Procurement

The successful implementation of green public procurement requires specialised knowledge and skilled multidisciplinary teams. The cases detail a range of the professionalisation tools (i.e. manuals and training) that help the public sector to use procurement strategically.

Case studies

Austria (Okokauf) Canada
Austria (Vienna Thinks Future) Slovak Republic





Raising Awareness

It takes a focused effort to get across the message that greening procurement matters. Case studies show communication strategies, such as encouraging businesses to develop green solutions, and how to increase citizens’ trust in green policies.

Case studies

Austria (Okokauf) Belgium
Austria (OBBInfra) Hungary
Austria (ASFINAG) India
Austria (Vienna thinks future) Portugal







Monitoring Green Public Procurement

Monitoring serves to promote the benefits of green public procurement as well as provide valuable feedback for policy makers on which policies work and which need rethinking.

Case studies

Austria (naBe-Aktionsplan) Italy (Desktop)
Canada Korea
France Portugal
India Sweden
Italy (IEMS) United States


The case studies were collected by the OECD in co-operation with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in 2013 and 2014 and submitted by senior public procurement experts from OECD and key partner countries, mainly through meetings of the Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement (11-12 February 2013, 7-8 November 2013 and 18 June 2014) and will be presented to the Public Governance Committee in November 2014.


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