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Rethinking e-Government Services: User-centred Approaches


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Rethinking e-Government Services

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Expecting substantial savings and improved public services – a trend further accentuated by the financial and economic crisis beginning in 2008 – OECD countries have invested in the development of e-government services over the past 10-15 years.


However, despite the initial exceptional take-up, governments later saw low adoption and low use of e-government services which are still far from satisfactory today.

This report gives a broad description of the shift in governments' focus on e-government development – from a government-centric to a user-centric approach. It gives a comprehensive overview of challenges to user take-up of e-government services in OECD countries and of the different types of approaches to improving it.


The monitoring and evaluation of user take-up are also discussed, including the existence of formal measurement frameworks. Good practices are presented to illustrate the different concrete approaches used by OECD countries.


 Table of contents


Chapter 1. A Paradigm Shift Towards Citizen Centricity

Chapter 2. Challenges to User Take-Up

Chapter 3. Country Approaches to Increasing User Take-Up

Chapter 4. Monitoring and Evaluating User Take-Up

Chapter 5. Improving User Take-Up: Some Cross-Cutting Trends

Annex A. OECD Country Studies on User Take-Up

Annex B. User Take-Up Measurement Approaches in OECD Countries


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Presented at the 5th Ministerial EU Conference, in Malmö, Sweden (19-20 November 2009)


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