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Digital Government Review of Panama


Digital Government Review of Panama - Key Findings


This report analysis progress made in digital government at the central level and identifies how it can build on the lessons learned to address national and local needs. Based on the assessments made during the fact-finding mission that occurred in November 2018 and additional desk research, the OECD would like to highlight the following findings:


  • Panama has a sound governance framework for the development of digital government. Led by AIG and framed by the National Digital Agenda, the Panamanian governance structure enables the coordination, alignment and development of synergies across different policy sectors of government. 

  • Panama has made inroads building capacities to support implementation, prioritising the development of digital skills, strengthening the planning of investments in digital technologies and keeping updated its legal and regulatory framework. 

  • The country has started a data-driven public sector policy, advancing on open data availability and progressively promoting the reuse of data across public sector organisations. Room for improvement can be found in the promotion of a data culture to enable better monitoring, forecasting and delivery of public services.

  • Panama should unleash the potential of service design and delivery, building on important projects and initiatives underway that reflect the government commitment to improve the relation with citizens and businesses. The promotion of an internal culture of service design and delivery, an improved relation with private and civil society stakeholders and the strategic use of emerging technologies can support better quality, responsiveness and sustainability of public services.


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