Directorate for Public Governance

Network of Senior Officials from Centres of Government (CoG)


The 'Centre of Government' is the body that provides direct support and advice to the Head of Government and the Council of Ministers, for example:


  • Heads of Prime Minister's Offices
  • Cabinet Secretaries
  • Secretaries- General of the Government


The CoG meetings began in the 1980s, and were consolidated into an annual event in the 1990s.  CoG constitutes a forum for informal discussion and remains one of the OECD’s highest-level policy networks.




The meetings serve three main purposes: 

  1. To review issues of how to make the centre of national government work more effectively;
  2. To achieve a more in-depth understanding of decision and policymaking systems in the host country.
  3. To work on broad governance issues fundamental to achieving economic and social public policy objectives.

 The meetings are hosted each year by one of the members of the network.


2020 Luxembourg 

39th Annual Meeting of Senior Officials from Centres of Government


2019 Reykjavik, Iceland 

38th Annual Meeting of Senior Officials from Centres of Government


2018 Dublin, Ireland

Leading the digital transformation from the centre of government


2017 Tokyo, Japan

Decision making in an environment of uncertainty and change


2016 Stockholm, Sweden

Steering and Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of the Centre of Government


2015 Helsinki, Finland

Promoting Inclusive Growth: A New Challenge for the Centre of Government


2014 Vienna, Austria

Vision, leadership, innovation: Driving public policy performance


2013 Santiago, Chile

Recovering public trust in challenging times through a strategic state


2012 London, United Kingdom

The role of the Centres of Governments in meeting today’s economic challenges


2011 Ottawa, Canada

Effective Responses to Modern Challenges


2010 Berlin, Germany

Future Growth, Fiscal Consolidation and Implementation


2009 Paris, France

Managing the Crisis:  From Recovery Policies to Long-term Reforms


2008 Mexico

Political Economy of Reform: Ensuring Stakeholder Support


2007 Bern, Switzerland

Strengthening Public Trust by Delivering on Promises: What Role for the Centre?


2006 Vienna, Austria

Leadership in Managing Risk