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Virtual Meeting - IFIs’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis


Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions (PBO-IFIs)

Virtual Meeting - IFIs’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis

25 May 2020


Agenda | Presentations


  • OECD report on IFIs’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis

Governments worldwide are taking unprecedented action to safeguard the wellbeing of citizens during the COVID-19 crisis, with large fiscal and economic implications. The OECD report examines the response of IFIs during this first rescue phase of the crisis, as they provide rapid analysis to decision-makers and the public. The report shows that the vast majority of IFIs have responded quickly, and that their mandates have allowed them to respond in a meaningful way. There is also evidence that IFIs voice is being sought out in the public debate. IFIs have played a particularly important role in supporting legislatures as theyapprove and oversee emergency measures.


  • IFI response case studies

Building on the previous session, this session will examine three brief case studies of country responses described in the OECD report. It will examine the unique ways in which individual IFIs with different resources and responsibilities have navigated the unchartered territories of the crisis so far. Following the
presentations, the floor will be opened for discussion of how IFIs can best continue to promote transparency and accountability on emergency measures and how the response of IFIs may evolve as the crisis moves to its recovery phase.                                         




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