Budgeting and public expenditures

Symposium on public-private partnerships: affordability, value for money, and the PPP process


A two-day symposium on "Public-Private Partnerships: Affordability, Value for Money, and the PPP Process" was held on 21-22 February 2008 in Zürich, Switzerland. The meeting was hosted by the Institute for Public Management of the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

The meeting discussed a broad range of issues of importance in the PPP process. The overall focus was to discuss and share practical experience of how countries organise the PPP process and handle the often complex issues that governments face when using PPPs.

The first day of the symposium was devoted to issues such as affordability, risk sharing, value for money, budgeting and accounting for PPPs, and the institutional and regulatory aspects. The second day moved further into the areas of practical experience in countries using PPPs, and of how countries handle the issues discussed in day 1 of the symposium in their respective PPP frameworks.




Thursday, 21 February 2008:

Opening by the Chair and the OECD Secretariat

Session 1: Defining PPPs and the trend towards PPPs

Session 2: The economics of PPPs: affordability, value for money and risk sharing (including why the PPP route is chosen)

Session 3: Budget scoring and accounting for PPPs

Session 4: Policy framework and procedural tools for creating and managing PPPs


Friday, 22 February 2008:

Country studies, panel and round table

Session 5: United Kingdom

Session 6:  South Africa

Session 7:  Germany


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