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Restoring Public Finances 2012 update: Information by country


There is a need for rigourous information to help governments plan and manage their consolidation programmes. Restoring Public Finances 2012 updates on fiscal consolidation strategies across OECD member countries since last year.

In addition, country profiles have been prepared and are available below.

Each country note has the following structure:

  • Section 1 gives a brief overview of the main economic developments in recent years in the relevant country including real GDP, fiscal balance and gross debt figures.
  • Section 2 presents the government’s fiscal consolidation strategies as manifested in fiscal balance and gross debt targets over the medium term, the size of the consolidation, and the composition of consolidation broken down into expenditure reductions and revenue enhancements.
  • Major consolidation measures are listed in Section 3, quantified to the largest extent possible in local currencies and current prices annually.
  • Section 4 provides recent or planned institutional reforms.

Country notes are in pdf format


 ‌ Australia

 ‌ Korea

 ‌ Austria

 ‌ Luxembourg

 ‌ Belgium

‌ Mexico

 ‌ Canada

 ‌ Netherlands

 ‌ Czech Republic

 ‌ New Zealand

 ‌ Denmark

 ‌ Poland

‌ Estonia

 ‌ Portugal

 ‌ Finland

‌‌‌‌‌‌ Slovak Republic

 ‌ France

 ‌ Slovenia

 ‌ Germany

 ‌ Spain

 ‌ Greece

 ‌ Sweden

 ‌ Hungary

 ‌ Switzerland

 ‌‌ Iceland

 ‌ Turkey

 ‌ Ireland  ‌ United Kingdom

 ‌ Italy

 ‌ United States

 ‌ Japan




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