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SBO Network of Senior Infrastructure and Public-private Partnerships (PPPs) Officials


The OECD Working Party of Senior Budget Officials has created a special network devoted to the topic of the governance of infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs). The Network supports governments getting infrastructure right, by providing best practices based on Member country experiences with what works (and what doesn't). The Network's regular meetings provide unique opportunities to exchange experience and knowledge between policy makers to improve the governance of infrastructure across countries. 




OECD Framework for the Governance of Infrastructure

Poor governance is a major reason why infrastructure projects often fail to meet their timeframe, budget, and service delivery objectives. The OECD Framework for the Governance of Infrastructure provides an overview of current practices in infrastructure governance and presents practical tools to help policy makers better manage infrastructure. The dimensions relate to how governments prioritise, plan, budget, deliver, regulate and evaluate infrastructure investment. 




OECD Recommendation on Principles for Public Governance of Public-Private Partnerships

Since the early 1990s, and even more so since the early 2000s, PPPs have been an established practice in many OECD countries and have attracted growing attention in others. The complexity of PPPs requires a number of capacities in government both in terms of skills, institutional structures and legal framework. The OECD Principles for Public Governance of Public-Private Partnerships can help governments strengthen their institutional framework and ensure value for money, preventing ill-designed projects from going forward.





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